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Let's Go Back....WAAAAYYYY Back...

Awww....wasn't he cute?

 Emile Hirsch is the son of an industrial consultant (his father) and a pop-up book artist (his mother). He was born in Topanga Canyon, California. His television debut at age 11 was on an episode of "The Kindred: Embraced". From there, he moved on to other small guest roles on popular television shows ( "Two of a Kind", "Third Rock from the Sun"), followed by a few made-for-TV movies. He then went on to the big-screen in his role as Francis in "The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys". He enjoys rapping in competitions and writing SNL-type sketches. He is currently working on his next movie "Into the Wild".

At a Glance

Date of Birth:           March 13, 1985 (so he's 21)
Height:                      5'7
Eyes:                       Green
Hair:                         Brown
Astrological Sign:   Pisces